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Sony VAIO Duo Series Laptops & Coupons

The VAIO Duo Series consists of hybrid devices that offer both tablet and laptop computing functionalities. Systems are able to do this through an innovative design called the "Surf Slider", which is a mechanism that allows the touch displays to slide outward when in tablet mode to reveal a built-in keyboard. When this is done, the display can be tilted upward to a proper viewing angle, and the device can then be used in laptop mode.

Having both a tablet and laptop as one device is what the future will look like. Get a VAIO Duo now and enjoy both worlds without the inconvenience of carrying around two electronic devices.

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Customizable VAIO Duo Series Models

*VAIO customizable laptop models allow shoppers to build their own systems. Some assembly time may be required before shipping. There is no assembly cost added to the final purchase price.

11.6" Entry-Level Custom Laptop
SVD132190X Standard

Prebuilt VAIO Duo Series Models

*VAIO prebuilt laptop models have been configured by Sony to provide shoppers with maximum savings. Pick a system and configuration that best caters to your computing needs.

11.6" Prebuilt Laptop

11.6" Prebuilt Laptop

11.6" Prebuilt Laptop