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Sony VAIO L Series Desktops & Coupons

The VAIO L Series is made up of desktop computing solutions. These systems utilize an All-in-One form factor, which combines the monitor with the computer tower into one package. The appeal of these PCs is the clean and simplistic design appearance. No clutter and wireless keyboards and mice. Computing on these VAIO L Series is simply enjoyable.

With large 24" Full HD touchscreen displays, and system configurations that are balanced and cater to both productivity and entertainment feature sets, VAIO L Series Desktop PCs are great computing machines.

Below is a list of current custom and prebuilt VAIO L Series Desktop PC models. Find product highlights and deals for them when you click through to each product page.

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Customizable VAIO L Series Models

*VAIO customizable desktop models allow shoppers to build their own systems. Some assembly time may be required before shipping. There is no assembly cost added to the final purchase price.

24", Custom Desktop
Entry-Level Performance
SVL241490X Standard

24", Custom Desktop
Mid-Level Performance
SVL241490X Enhanced

Prebuilt VAIO L Series Models

*VAIO prebuilt desktop models have been configured by Sony to provide shoppers with maximum savings. Pick a system and configuration that best caters to your computing needs.

24", Black Desktop
Prebuilt Core i5 System

24", Black Desktop
Prebuilt Core i7 System