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The Vaio S Series is a line of laptops that feature 13.3-inch and 15.5-inch displays. These laptops are designed to be ultraportable computing solutions. They are equipped with premium performance components such as top of the line processors, solid state drives and Blu-ray Disc players.

There are three different types of laptop systems available for Vaio S Series notebooks. They are Configure-to-Order (CTO) models, Signature Collection models, and the standard prebuilt models.

Vaio S Series Configure-to-Order models allow consumers to build their own system. They start off with a base configuration and consumers can upgrade select hardware components from there. These systems usually require longer shipping times because of assembly times.

Vaio S Series Signature Collection is a line of preconfigured systems. They have select premium components installed in them and they have special designs. These notebooks are seasonal and so are available only for a limited time.

Prebuilt Vaio S Series laptops are the standard laptops that Sony offers. They have been preconfigured for maximum savings and for quick shipment.

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Customizable VAIO S Series Models

*VAIO customizable laptop models allow shoppers to build their own systems. Pick a system with a specific base configuration and upgrade components & software according to your preferences.

13.3", Custom Laptop
Entry-Level Performance
SVS131290X Standard

15.5", Custom Laptop
Entry-Level Performance
SVS151290X Standard

15.5", Custom Laptop
Mid-Level Performance
SVS151290X Enhanced

15.5", Custom Laptop
High-End Performance
SVS151290X Performance

Prebuilt VAIO S Series Models

*VAIO prebuilt laptop models have been configured by Sony to provide shoppers with maximum savings. Pick a system and configuration that best caters to your computing needs.

13.3", Pink Laptop
Prebuilt Core i5 System

13.3", Black Laptp
Prebuilt Core i7 System

15.5", White Laptop
Prebuilt Core i5 System

15.5", Black Laptop
Prebuilt Core i7 System

15.5", Black Laptop
Prebuilt Core i7 System

Summary of Different VAIO Laptop Series

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